How Social Media is Changing Nonprofit Culture and Practice

ImageMost nonprofits, large and small, are using social media in some basic ways — such as maintaining a Facebook page, maybe a Twitter account, and linking to content on their site. Many others are incorporating social media into their online fundraising strategies (commonly annual giving and events).

But those examples are just scratching the surface of the true potential of social media to improve ALL types of fundraising, including major giving, planned giving, and corporate partnerships. If you’re looking for ideas to take the next step for your organization, or if you’re trying to make the case for social media to your bosses and colleagues, I highly recommend this white paper from Wealth Engine, “Fundraising’s Social Revolution: How Social Media is Changing Nonprofit Culture and Practice.”

Based on a survey of 1,300 prospect development and fundraising professionals, the paper will give you strategies to implement social networking throughout your organization, from marketing to prospect research to front-line fundraising. It covers how to create a social media culture, implement new social technologies, apply best practices and tips, and follow ethical guidelines. I was pleased to be interviewed for the paper, along with leaders like Beth Kanter, author of The Networked Nonprofit and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit, and Dan Michel of Feeding America. So you’ll get some examples for how we’re using social media to build and strengthen relationships with donors at Children’s National Medical Center. You can download the white paper from Wealth Engine.

How is your organization using social media to support fundraising? I’m especially interested in proven ideas to support major giving.


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