Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Drive Sales, But Differently

snapFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all directly drive sales of products, both online and in stores, but there are some big differences in how, according to new data from Vision Critical. Most interesting, Facebook and Twitter help drive sales of products that people were already considering buying, but Pinterest is more effective at driving spontaneous sales. Among people who had made purchases based on information from one of these channels, 70 percent of Twitter users and 60 percent of Facebook users said they were at least “vaguely” considering purchasing the item before they saw it online. However, only 49 percent of the Pinterest users said they were thinking of purchasing the item before seeing it there.

Other key findings: 43 percent of social media users have bought a product after sharing it or favoriting it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Nearly 4 in 10 Facebook users say they’ve gone from liking, sharing, or commenting on an item to buying it. And half of all social-driven purchases occur within a week of sharing or commenting on it.

Read “Moving Customers from Pinning to Purchase,” from the Harvard Business Review, and download the full report, “From Social to Sale: 8 Questions to Ask Your Customers,” from Vision Critical.

What products did social purchasers share March-June 2013? Here are some color-coded examples representing purchases influenced by Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest:

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