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The Best Platform for Brands? a) Facebook, b) Twitter, c) G+, or d) none of the above


According to a new study by SumAll, Instagram is the “clear winner” as the best platform for brands for 2013, beating out Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Why? Because Instagram’s increases in fan and follower engagement is almost triple those of the other platforms, said SumAll CEO Dan Atkinson. “If a company has a visual product to sell and it’s currently not on Instagram,” Atkinson said, “that company is missing out on significant brand awareness and revenue.”

For businesses that use all four networks, Instagram showed the largest increase in new followers and engagement. The revenue impact of Instagram for U.S. businesses ranged from 1.5 to 5 percent.

With Facebook and Twitter becoming the big players, look for other platforms like Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, and Pinterest. And soon we’ll be talking about networks that don’t exist today. Which brand do you think is best for businesses and nonprofits?

Infographic: Make the Most of Your Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine

I recently posted tips for Facebook posts, and My Clever Agency just released another good resource that provides simple tips for many of the other popular social media platforms. An important caveat is that your content, and the timing of your content, should be tailored to your particular mission and audience. But you may see more engagement if you follow these simple guidelines.


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The Everlapse App: 5 Ways Photo Sharing Can Support Your Cause

Like many other apps, the potential of the new Everlapse app will be determined by the people who use it. Even the creators have said they aren’t sure what this cross between a photo app and a video app will lead to. What I can tell you is that it’s easy to use (at least on the iphone and ipad, because an android version hasn’t been released) and takes photo sharing to a new level.

Basically, you choose a selection of photos from your camera roll, and the app strings them together to create a looping slideshow that can be shared with others. Many reviews describe it as a way to share your Instagram photos, and it does allow you to very easily create an Instagram highlights reel. But you can use the app with any photos on your device, and what makes Everlapse different from Vine, Instagram, or anything else available is that it allows others to add to your creative project (and only with your approval).

To make my first two flipbooks, I copied photos from iPhoto on my Mac, sent them to my ipad, and then pulled them into the app. If you’re using photos already on your phone or ipad, it’s even easier. The first is a random collection called “Things I Saw,” and the second is “Mannequins.” (I’ve always thought mannequins were interesting to photograph, because you don’t have to ask their permission, and they offer the perfect combination of life and non-life.)

Everlapse then shares your finished flipbook with others who use the app — and then you can choose to share it via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also embed it into your website or blog. (It works perfectly with Blogger, but not WordPress.)

I’m always interested to see how nonprofits use new tools like this. In its first flipbook, water.org shares the powerful statement “1 in 3 people don’t have a toilet. Show us yours.” While it seems silly to photograph and share your toilet, it’s real engagement about a serious global issue. A group called Crawfish for Cancer, which raises money for melanoma research with tasty events in several cities, shared photos of their most recent feast in New York. Haiti Partners does a great job demonstrating their impact, with lots of uplifting photos of their Children’s Academy. Click links to view their creativity.

Here are a five ways you can use Everlapse to support your cause:

1. Demonstrate the need for donations. For example, if you’re providing relief after a natural disaster, invite people in the affected community to submit photos. If you have multiple offices, have your staff and volunteers contribute to a flipbook.

2. Show your organization at work. Everlapse is a perfect way to capture service days, construction projects, and other efforts — especially if they’re done in different locations.

3. Show a “day in the life” to bring your cause to life. Have your staff, volunteers, and regional offices contribute photos on a selected day to give your donors and supporters an inside look.

4. Show impact. What are the results of your work? How are people’s lives improved? Do your supporters a favor and ask them to share how they’ve been touched by your mission. Chances are, they can tell your story better than you can.

5. Say thank you. Show your donors how their support is making a difference — preferably through compelling images (people, animals, etc.) that personalize your mission. What other ideas do you have? Please send examples of how you or other nonprofits are leveraging this new app.